Mitt (A bit muddled)

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Fri Sep 15 12:33:53 EDT 2000

Oh, how thoughtless am I??
I said,
"If he were completely foolish about her, he would carry through the
assassination in a misguided attempt to please her and make her happy by
fulfilling her agenda for him."
Without stopping to think that he did carry it through, but it didn't work
Still, there's your Mitt being foolish for his mum.  It would be mad for him
to constantly ignore reality.  We might like him better but I think he would
be far the worse, because he would never understand what damage he does -
much like his mother.
I like his mom too.  It took several years for the betrayal to sink in to my
head.  It's really hard to read the early scenes about the cow and whatnot
and think about later.
Just think what a rotter of an Undying Mitt would have been if he hadn't
taken things in hand, hm?
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