Mitt (A bit muddled)

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Fri Sep 15 11:34:18 EDT 2000

I forget who wrote:
> I think his resentment of his mother is justifiable as she gives him far
> mich responsiblity and also forces him into danger. He perhaps expresses
> this in terms of resentment of women because this justifies his negative
> feelings about her - she can't help it because she's a woman so that means
> that she's not being deliberately unfoar on Mitt.

Kyra wrote:

Oh, yes, Milda seems like a real idiot!  I just feel that I would like
Mitt better if he were completely foolish about her, instead of
recognizing her flaws and caring less for her as a result - in combination
with everything else, it just makes him seem so inhuman.

Yes, but consider - Milda is the one who lays out and reinforces,
reinforces, reinforces the plan that HE, her son, is to assassinate Hadd.
This is extremely important.  If he were completely foolish about her, he
would carry through the assassination in a misguided attempt to please her
and make her happy by fulfilling her agenda for him.  

By no means do I think that Milda thought this all through, but the upshot
is a terrible betrayal of trust, love and benevolence of a parent toward a

I don't write this to convince anyone of anything, though.  I just thought
it needed to be put in  :)

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