Mitt (A bit muddled)

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Fri Sep 15 11:07:42 EDT 2000

> I really like Mitt though he certainly sin't sympathetic at times. I would
> disagree that the change in him is gradual; The  book seems to me to be
> about how things are perceived and because of that we see most of the
> characters in several different ways and that continues in the Crown of
> Dalemark (bloody Hobin and Hildy). This idea that there are different ways
> of seeing characters and events occurs within Mitt and the other characters
> too.  It's very difficult for everyone to know whom they can trust because
> almost everyone has a secret agenda or because their reputations precede
> them as with the problems around Ynen and Hildy's father (Navis?) and Mitt.
> Both of them have preconceived ideas about one another; both of them are
> wrong.

Maybe I mean gradual over the course of the book rather than gradual over
Mitt's life.  For example, that young-old face thing which, I agree with
you, helps to shock Mitt into realizing some things about himself occurs
on page 89 of my 312 paged copy.  Throughout the next few chapters, during
the whole bomb-failure sequence, he keeps on having sudden
realizations (these people are my friends and I don't want to hurt them, I
think I have always misjudged Hobin, maybe I haven't led my life in such a
good way), and yet when he meets Hildy and Ynen, he still takes an
entirely utilitarian and rather naive view (I am going to use these people
to get to the North, where I will have found what I wanted in
life.)  Again, I really couldn't say that these attitudes are unjustified
on his part; he is being entirely true to the forces that shaped
him.  OTOH, it seems to me that Mitt is very much learning throughout the
book and that the learning comes a bit too slowly for me to appreciate him

> I think his resentment of his mother is justifiable as she gives him far too
> mich responsiblity and also forces him into danger. He perhaps expresses
> this in terms of resentment of women because this justifies his negative
> feelings about her - she can't help it because she's a woman so that means
> that she's not being deliberately unfoar on Mitt.

Oh, yes, Milda seems like a real idiot!  I just feel that I would like
Mitt better if he were completely foolish about her, instead of
recognizing her flaws and caring less for her as a result - in combination
with everything else, it just makes him seem so inhuman.

> No, Mitt is one of my favorite characters along with Polly (who I'd like to
> be) and Tanaqui.

Hmm... Tanaqui is definitely up there on my favorite characters
list... Actually, since I typically have an ingrained prejudice against
main characters for some reason, DWJ has done surprisingly well at
providing some whom I'm really fond of (Tanaqui, Jamie, Sophie - to the
extent that HMC is _not_ one of my favorite DWJ books because I
consistently get jolted out of the book by being really angry at everyone
for not telling her that they knew about her all along, and Maewen,


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