Granola was Elitism was Tam Lin

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Fri Sep 15 06:26:45 EDT 2000

> f British muesli is like Swedish muesli (that being the only king I've
> had), then granola is like the heavy bits of muesli. It's mostly
> grains--oats and little clumps of other grains, and you can get it with
> raisins or dried fruit, but it's very dense, not light like cornflakes or
> something.

More or less what I thought then. Incidentally, the area in which I 
live in Sheffield is part of what's known as the  muesli belt. Its more 
or less a crescent between the inner city and the suburbs proper 
and can be defined by the health and wholefood shops ;-)
Are you trapped in that bright moment when you ran out of petrol?

Jordan's Original Crunchy is a sort of granola- I have dark memories of
trying to eat it in a hurry on school mornings, my jaw would ache for ages.
Cornflakes for me. Or better, Corn Chex- why do we get
sugar-coated-honey-frosted-choco-yuck and no Chex in England? Not fair. 
Also incidentally, where in Sheffield? (Nosiness- I lived in Broomhill while
doing my MA and my Sig Other's parents live in Fulwood. Maybe we could
(gulp) meet offline sometime when we go visit them?)
Carless and more than usually smug about it. (I know- not everyone lives and
works somewhere they *can* be carless. But still.)
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