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>On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
>> Seriously, is opinion here divided on this issue?  Anyone else hate Mitt?
>> And why?
>I feel like I don't *know* Mitt. He seemed rather opaque in _Drowned
>Ammet_; then I felt sorry for him, and then didn't really understand him
>in a slightly disliking him kind of way. Then he seemed to be a different
>person in _Crown of Dalemark_.

I liked Mitt much more in Crown than Ammet- I think it's because we're
seeing him as Maewen does, as someone who acts in a good way, rather than
looking from the inside as he discovers all his flaws. 
I did like Moril- maybe because he is (or only seems? I can't remember)
younger so I give him more latitude. I think someone said they hated his
parents- I only hate his father. 

Spellcoats is *much* my favourite Dalemark book, the amosphere is grim in
the others- I think because such nasty people are in charge. In fact these
are an example for me of books that I know are good but that I don't enjoy
much. (Well, I still reread them, so I don't *hate* them or anything- I just
prefer other books of hers.) I ought to like Crown, as it feels much less
depressing, but it's more prosaic somehow and the loose ends get tied off in
a different way than *I* think they should have been! (eg Moril founding the
Singers Academy or whatever and doing away with travelling Singers and all
the lore they carried- I just think it's a shame).
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