Buffy and meeting DWJ (no real connection)

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Thu Sep 14 23:57:27 EDT 2000

I had sworn *not* to get seduced into e-mail today... however, you raised
three points that seduced me good and proper.

>It's not anti-Wesley ... what seemed to me a totally different
>character--from hidebound nerdy rule-follower to rogue demon hunter.

He's only *pretending* (to himself as well as others) to be a demon hunter.
He needs to be *someone* and as he's not a Watcher any more, this is the
figure he's chosen.

>About meeting Diana Wynne Jones:
>I would love to know her.  I've wanted to know her.  I think she's a

I would hesitate. I love some of her books but in others I detect a
personality trait I think I would rather not know. It's ... hmmm...
unforgiveness, I think! Vengefulness. I don't have that quirk and I dislike
it intensely when I meet it in others. Not, I hasten to say, because I don't
understand how lucky I was to have a happy childhood and how unlukcy others
are to have unhappy ones! It's just that I have a huge suspicion of using
that as a "reason" to be vengeful. Some people have that trait with no
"reason" and others who have every excuse don;t develop it.  So, just
personally, I prefer to love DWJ for her other traits. She has joy,
imagination, celebrates difference and makes the unheroic lovable. She
understands so many different types and I think that's why the hard streak
bothers me so much. She can embrace the imperfect - if she chooses.

And another thing (shut me up, someone!). In the course of things I know
quite a few writers. Some of them "are" their books. What they write is what
they are. Others set a glass wall between themselves and their fiction. The
simple, sweet people usually write wholesome stories, the wickedly funny and
twisted reflect that. DWJ's books are so very complex and convoluted that I
think she'd be a bit too much for me in the flesh!

>I'll also probably never
>send any of the letters I've written to beloved authors over the
>years--though I did burn one to Faulkner once, just in case.

I think you should send them. I've never heard of a writer who was offended
by a sincere letter telling how much joy or thought their book(s) have given
a reader. What they *don't* like is gush, tactlessness (i.e. "I've never
read any of your books but please answer these questions for my
assignment...") or loads of praise given to one early book while later works
aren't mentioned. Even if you really *love* an early book (and my DWJ
favourite *is* an earlyish one - HOWL), you might mention later ones you
have also enjoyed... thus I'd talk about DEEP SECRET as well.

So - send those letters. Everyone likes to have their work appreciated.


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