Buffy and meeting DWJ (no real connection)

Margaret E Parks meparks at mtholyoke.edu
Thu Sep 14 23:13:06 EDT 2000

but I rather like the subject line.  I think we're becoming engaged in a
strange subject line exhibition here--they're getting strange and rather
amusing.  I would have said contest only I've just been reading Doris
Lessing and am currently dismayed at how competitive our culture is. . .

quoting Paul quoting me: 
> > Lizzie who doesn't watch Buffy anymore since Angel left (and doesn't
> > watch Angel because Doyle died)
> Hmph. I wasn't expecting to encounter such strong anti-Wesley
> sentiment on this list.

It's not anti-Wesley sentiment; it's pro-Doyle.  I like Wesley just
fine.  I liked him a lot when he was still part of Buffy.  But then he
turned up in Angel as what seemed to me a totally different
character--from hidebound nerdy rule-follower to rogue demon hunter.  I
would like him lots and lots if he weren't Doyle's replacement.  I suppose
I'm just mad because the episode that Doyle died in was so STUPID.  Like
in Star Trek: TNG when Tasha Yar died--they could have at least given her
a good story.

> Oh, well. Life's full of surprises.

Now that, I will agree with.

> "Hold fast to the one noble thing."

Paul, believe me, I would if I could ever figure out just what it
was.  (This since we're talking about signatures here, and I'm secure in
knowledge that I don't have one, having never been able to figure out this
email system to that extent.  :-P)

About meeting Diana Wynne Jones:

I would love to know her.  I've wanted to know her.  I think she's a
genius, and I know that since I'm alive at the same time she is I should
take advantage of it.  I wish she taught (ah, the academic preoccupation
of our culture.  sigh, sigh) so that I could take a class of hers, and say
one day "I was taught by Diana Wynne Jones," in the same way she says she
was taught by Lewis and Tolkein.  I had a teacher once who was taught by
William Faulkner--ever since I've envied her, and been fascinated by the
idea of having someone like that as a teacher.  I would love to *know*
her, but I'd be too petrified to meet her.  Imagine walking up to
her--what would you say?  I'd make a terrible fool of myself--I always
do.  And it's not so much that I'd mind that as I'd mind meeting her,
mumbling a few trite phrases, and then never meet her again; I'd have
missed the oppurtunity to let her know what her work has meant to me.  I'm
having trouble trying to avoid cliches here--imagine how bad I'd be face
to face.
	In case you're wondering--this is something that plagues me with
all famous people, which is why I'll never be one of those people on
Fanatic (is that show still on?) who meets their famous idol for fifty
minutes or so, during which they act like best friends and undoubtedly the
famous one never even thinks of the fan again.  I'll also probably never
send any of the letters I've written to beloved authors over the
years--though I did burn one to Faulkner once, just in case.


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