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Kyra Jucovy klj at
Thu Sep 14 22:54:27 EDT 2000

Whoops, I guess I was confusing, sorry.  Well, I explained in my other
post my feelings about Mitt in some detail - obviously, no, I think
neither of those two are perfect.  Like I said, I see some big
similarities in these two books, as they seem to me to be about characters
growing to recognize flaws in themselves and realizing that they can
become better people.  And you really didn't offend me at all, so don't
worry :).  I'm here to learn, after all.  Always glad to be of service in
the rereading department, of course... now I just have to get my hands on
_Power of Three_ myself... somehow...


> I have a question here.  Do you mean that Mitt and Moril are perfect, or is
> it some other characteristic that's annoying in them?  Mitt frustrates me in
> _Drowned Ammet_ because I did sort of like him, and I hate seeing characters
> I like behaving like idiots.
> And I hope I wasn't terribly offensive, Kyra.  You said a lot of things that
> intrigued me--enough to make me go back and re-read the books!  Thank you so
> much for that.
> Melissa Proffitt

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