Hating Mitt?

Ingrid Blythe Atkinson ingrid-blythe at home.com
Thu Sep 14 19:56:49 EDT 2000

> > > Seriously, is opinion here divided on this issue?  Anyone else
> > > hate Mitt?
> > > And why?

I've only read "Drowned Ammet" and I think I should probably read it
again. I liked Mitt better than the other characters in the book, and it
was kind of interesting seeing him grow up. We don't really get to see
that with many other characters. But I agree with others. Just reading
"Drowned Ammet" we don't know Mitt completely. He's in the fourth book,
I've heard, but I haven't read that one yet. I don't really feel
anything about him. He's just Mitt. 

Now I do hate Moril's parents, in "Cart and Cwidder" and a good deal of
the characters in "A Sudden Wild Magic". 

Anyone else have characters they absolutely can't stand?

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