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Thu Sep 14 15:41:52 EDT 2000

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> I've known people who Just Don't Get It when it comes to books.  They read
> something, they dislike it, and they slam it.  Like--oh, the very first post
> to this list way back when was about _Hexwood_ and how people on some
> newsgroup were saying "awful, terrible, don't read this."  Without any
> explanation of *why*.  Uncareful readers (notice that I didn't let my little
> elitist self call them idiots...oops, there, I did it anyway) assume that
> their personal likes and dislikes define whether a book is good or bad.
> More careful readers will recognize that some part of a book (or all of it;
> don't get me started on Sharon Green) doesn't work for them, but will not
> make the error of therefore assuming the book is bad.
ooh, I hate it when people do it. I try to be very careful about saying "I
didn't like this book, but you might." Or I'll say, "I don't think you'd
like it; the writing is so bad it's distracting, or the characters are
stupid," or some such.

There's also a fair number of stories, mostly ones my sister has written,
which I don't like but I know are absolutely amazing--well-written,
well-plotted, well-characterized. They're just usually too dark or eerie
for me, but damn are they *good*.

> Boy, I sounded preachy here, didn't I?  Bad Melissa!  No biscuit!
:^) we usually say "no cookie."

> _Spellcoats_ is still my favorite in the series, but I do like _Drowned
> Ammet_ because it's the "secret" DWJ novel that I never knew existed.
My problem with _Drowned Ammet_, which I need to reread because I'm
*still* not sure if I like it, is that the first time I read it it was
missing 30 pages about 2 pages from the end. So I stopped reading it, and
was very confused by the bits on those last 2 pages or so.

Joyce (to Buffy, who is fighting a vampire): Good, honey! Kill him! 
		--"Gingerbread," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

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