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Nat wrote:
"It's funny, but I realize I've had a similar reaction to both Diane 
Duane and Orson Scott Card. In Card's case, I loved the first two 
Alvin Maker books, which are essentially an alternate-universe 
retelling of the life of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons."

Really?? I had no idea!

Welcome back Nat, good to hear from you. Congratulations to you both, too!

"The later books (up to 5 now, I think) get progressively more 
Alvin-is-Superman, and edge closer and closer to outright Mormon 

Aaah. I've only read the first two. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

Speaking of Alvin-is-Superman, the one thing that annoyed me above all
others in L'Engle was the Charles Wallace worship.  I felt very guilty about
it when he was very sick (was that Swiftly Tilting Planet?), but there it

I don't know how to formulate this question well, but - what is going on
when a book worships a character like that?  It's like all those hollywood
action movies where everyone's life is cheap except the hero and his loved
ones.  Everyone else is mown down and it's all in a day's work, but if it
happens to Bruce or Mel or Nick or Tom's character, it's a tragedy.  Grump
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