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Kyra wrote:
"I don't think I had trouble
understanding what type of story DWJ was trying to tell - both books _are_
about someone who is quite flawed and at the same time very talented
learning about some of his own flaws (I'd say "or her," but given _Crown_,
I'm not sure if Hildy counts), but I just couldn't enjoy either story very
much because the flaws that were being solved came through as so
glaring... I know I'm going to garner some animosity by saying this, but,
no, I really couldn't stand Mitt."

Gasp! Unh! Kyra!  Oh well.  But it would be interesting to hear more
particularly about those things which annoy you.  Though it's only fair to
admit ahead of time, I might try to change your mind ;)

"I absolutely hate "perfect" characters far more than I do those who
are flawed... especially the many characters I come across who are bloody
hypocrites, but the author never once seems to acknowledge this in the
book, and instead droops fawningly over them throughout the book... which,
fortunately is something DWJ never does."

I hate that too.  Especially because I used to fall for it, and I resented
age and experience forcing me to see that my book loyalties had been blind.
But not dwj  ;)


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