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McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Thu Sep 14 12:17:44 EDT 2000

"I still think Dean's books sound terribly smug, though the friends in this
one weren't themselves smug."

Yes, I don't read them anymore.  Maybe I'll be tempted again one day.  I
really liked the title - The Dubious Hills - but I didn't read it.  Somehow
the title suggested a story to me and I preferred my own.

Hmm, I liked the friends and yet... none of those kids rang true to me - and
yet they reminded me of people I have known, especially her poet friend.
They were too... too... self-possessed.  I recall junior high as a desperate
time.  Is it just me?

"I do remember feeling that the ending was too
abrupt; you go through the entire book knowing something is weird, but the
explanation that comes at the end is packed into just a few pages and
explains EVERYTHING, including a few things you didn't know were an issue,
like the parents' role in why their daughters were the way they were."

A Scooby Doo ending?

"And, blast it, *I* want a bedroom with an observatory!  :)"

In a way it was neat, but in a way it was so special and precious.  Maybe I
would have preferred her with a regular bedroom, constantly dreaming about
an observatory bedroom.  Can I have a greenhouse bedroom?

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