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Thu Sep 14 11:54:38 EDT 2000

Ven wrote:
"Has anyone read Elizabeth Hand's Waking the Moon? Its set at a college too,
John the Divine", and has thematic similarities, tho its rather 

Yes, I have.  It is set at either Georgetown or Catholic University in D.C.,
but I've forgotten which as it has been a while. 

Let it be known that I really disliked Camille Paglia. Hand wrote the book
after much Paglia-reading and I think dedicated it to her. Blech.

"What a great picture you paint but what exactly is granola--is it like 

More on granola - it also may have nuts or dried berry in it and can be
mixed with brown sugar or honey.  My college offered warm, gooey, soft-ish
granola in one dining hall.  It was incredible.

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