Truth and appearances was RE: _Power of Three_ (no spoiler)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Thu Sep 14 05:32:55 EDT 2000

OK, now I have to read Power of Three again. Besides buying Tam Lin to see
what everyone is talking about.

>From: Melissa Proffitt [mailto:Melissa at]
>What struck me was how much this book had to say about truth and
>appearances.  All DWJ's books have this element to some extent, as it
>from the use of the naive narrator (which she does a lot) and is just the
>kind of story she seems to like best.  

Yes! This is such a big reason for rereading dwj- the first time through a
book I love the story and characters, and then I start *thinking* about it
and there's more to it, and every time you read you see more of the "truth"-
the behind-the-obvious-story.
(How Melissa is so insightful when presumably operating on about three hours
sleep is amazing.)

Dark Lord of Derkholm small spoiler (OK, the header is now wrong- but there
isn't a spoiler for PoT so it can stay)

Ooh- just had a thought- is this the problem with Dark Lord? The appearances
are given away first- we know the Evil Lord is a nice guy, and is then his
children. Yes, there are some surprises and people whose actions explain a
lot once you find out about them, and it re-reads well- I think it gets
better- but there isn't the same gradual drawing-curtain-aside thing. 

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