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Wed Sep 13 21:08:54 EDT 2000

In addition to my earlier message (I just had the most incredible flash of
deja vu--I swear I dreamed this moment last February and I think I wrote
it down, so I can prove it!) I have to add a book I forgot (hee hee, on
topic) and that is: Howl's Moving Castle.  The ending of that is on my
List, too.

What Kyla said about the granola: I agree that Janet might be reasonable
about the healthy diet thing, but I think that she would look down on
other mothers who maybe gave their kids hamburgers and easy mac six days a
week not because it wasn't healthy but because it wasn't, I don't know,
well informed.  And maybe she wouldn't consciously look down on them, but
I think she would nonetheless.  I always rather felt sorry for that
non-reading roommate.  I wouldn't have disliked her; I doubt we would have
been bosom buddies, but I wouldn't have disliked her.  And now I'm
thinking of Blackstock and trying to imagine going to college with
Males.  I go to an all women's college and, despite thirteen years of
going to school with boys prior to this, now find it sort of. . . funny to
think of them in an academic setting.  Which reminds me--Kyla quoted

	Willow (about her SAT scores): 740? Verbal?! I'm...I'm...
	pathetic! Illiterate! I'm Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel.
                --"Lovers Walk," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

That's not a joke; that's *me.* (j/k. . . .)

Lizzie who doesn't watch Buffy anymore since Angel left (and doesn't watch
Angel because Doyle died)

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