Tam Lin

Robyn Starkey robyns at corplink.com.au
Wed Sep 13 21:41:59 EDT 2000

>All the same I agree theree's a lot of good stuff in this book and I
>didn't mind the ending. I've just read PD's Juniper , Gentian and
>Rosemary. It has similar faults to Tam Lin, the quoting, the opacity
>of the writing. I couldn't put it down, however. Strange book, i've not
>yet decided what I think. I'm waiting for my friend Sarah to finish it
>so I can her opinion, anyone else able to oblige?

I found the experience of reading this book oddly like the storyline, in 
that it really sucked me in at the time I was reading it, and then when I 
finished, I had this really odd sense of "hang on, that was a very peculiar 
experience, and strangely depressing in retrospect". I thought Dean had a 
big cheat with the ending, suddenly making people magical when there was no 
clue whatsoever to it in the whole book. Bits of it I liked very much 
indeed, like the early stuff with the telescope and the descriptions of the 
friendships; BUT other parts were just silly. Why is Dean so desperate to 
put her opinions of Shakespeare in her novels? If I want to read undergrad 
criticism of Shakespeare, I would tutor a second-year course, I don't want 
this in my novel reading. All in all, this is not a book I would reread, 
mainly because of the thing about the cat, which made me too sad for words 
(why, I have no idea).


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