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Wed Sep 13 15:44:54 EDT 2000

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Nat Case wrote:

> In Diane Duane's case, While I am still very fond of her, I 
> though the "So You Want to be a Wizard series was weakened by the 
> last book, which got rather theological towards the end, again as a 
> character achieved a higher consciousness.

The same goes for the Door Into... series, though the fourth and last
book hasn't even come out. I loved the first and especially the
second (thanks, Jessie!), but the third, while it was fascinating,
suffered from what my husband calls "a surfeit of greatness".

> There is an unfortunate quality I think almost any devout author 
> (heck, any author period) acquires when they get too close to looking 
> the Divine right in the face. Especially when they lean on teachings 
> instead of their own experience. As if at some point the writers 
> imagination fails to encompass the writing as thoroughly as it did 
> when it was written closer to home.

Or they get carried away by the Divine in the case that it *is* their
own experience, or an interpretation of their own experience, which I
suspect is the case with Diane Duane.

> I remember in not-directly-religious way being left disappointed with 
> Phyllis Naylor's York Trilogy. I thought at the time that she just 
> set up a wonderful metaphoric web and then didn't know how to resolve 
> it.

Should read that, but it's hard to get over here. The library doesn't
have it (I'm tempted to say "of course"; they've ordered Harry
Potter, though :-) and imported books are so expensive with the low
rates of the euro that I don't want to buy a whole trilogy (or even
the first book) that I don't know if I'll like.

> I haven't re-read Narnia in many years; maybe it's time.

Same here. When I've finished the to-read pile...


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