More on Elitism

Kyra Jucovy klj at
Mon Sep 11 17:37:09 EDT 2000

	After writing that message, I began to get worried that people are
going to start wondering what bothers me so much about the elitism in DWJ
or PD... so I just wanted to clarify: A) Like I said, I'm not entirely
happy or comfortable with that attitude, and B) I get more of a feeling of
judgement than I'd like in these books - I hope that just because I don't
want a person for a friend, I don't dismiss their value - for me, these
should be two different things, although I'm not sure I always live up to
that ideal :(.


There is no place for singing crack rabbits in today's society of
assimilation.  The American dream is no more.  The once great melting pot
is now used to prepare rabbit stew.  Lady Liberty weeps at such injustice.

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