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Mon Sep 11 16:55:37 EDT 2000

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

> Hallie said...
> >
> > Anyone have the time or inclination to explain what opinions or beliefs in
> > L'Engle's books they disliked?
> >
> Hm.  Twasn't really the opinions/beliefs that were a problem for me.  More
> the rigidity with which they were presented.  The sort of "this is right,
> and nothing else is" attitude that I detected.  There was no room left for
> me to form my own opinion.  My own opinion would not, in fact diverge all
> *that* widely from the beliefs presented in the book; it's just that I want
> to decide it for myself, not be told it, if you see what I mean.

Yes! Yes! I've been thinking what exactly was the elusive thing that
I disliked. More in the later books than in the earlier ones; I liked
_A Wrinkle in Time_ immensely when I first read it as a teenager, and
quite a bit still when I reread it in my late twenties, but then I
got into a fit of completeness and bought everything else (the only
title I remember is _Many Waters_) and it all got to be a bit much.
She's so heavy-handed. There's only one right way of thinking. It
seems completely contrary to what she *seems* to want to put across:
that people should learn to think for themselves.


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