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> Hey, Nat, a familiar face! (Can I call it a typeface without getting hit?
> Okay, I'll dodge quick ...)
> I was just thinking about you as I dredged up a copy of _Once Upon a Time
> #10_ that you'd sent me, well, presumably eight years ago, as it says June
> 1992 on it.
> Helen

Hee hee. I probably shouldn't be surprised. Hope you and family are well.
Does the list already know you're another alum of Blackstock... er,
Carleton? Even eerier, we took Greek together (It was a much tamer
department than in Tam Lin).

I think the thing that's hard about discussing Tam Lin is that it is so
elitist, and makes so few apologies for that. Carleton really was and is
like that. IN stead of apologizing for being top of the heap, try to the
best job you can with the great material you have. It was a lot less
self-conscious when I was there than other eastern competitors, which is one
of the reasons I liked it so much.

But if you start talking about it with others, it stops being a book that
one can live with in an ivory tower, because other people who read it feel
outside, feel alienated. And suddenly my own talk becomes apologetic. And I
unapologetically love both Carleton and TAM LIN.


I was looking at OUAT (Once Upon a Time, and a.p.a. run by the Mythopoeic
Society) a month or two ago... Ingrid & I have managed to cram two
apartments into one (thank heavens for self-storage...), and are in a
near-continual state of "Do we REALLY need this"-it's. It's a fun read
through and as full of ideas as this list, if not more so. I just can't
stand the two-month delay between installments. I believe it's still
running. They did a 10th-anniversary issue I did a piece for a year or two
ago, but otherwise I've been off since 1984 or thereabouts.

And those really weird photos from the antique shop (others: a photo of a
spitting-image photo portrait of me from the 1880s or 1890s, in a Seattle
antiques store) surfaced again recently. Thanks again.

Have there been any comments on the now-really-and-truly-scheduled Phillip
Pullman AMBER SPYGLASS? Eager? Me? naah.

Back to work...

Nat Case
Hedberg Maps, Inc.

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