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Mon Sep 11 09:44:59 EDT 2000

At 09:59  11-09-00 +0200, Britta Koch wrote:

>On 11 Sep, liril at gmx.net wrote:
> >
> >
> > Me and my friends at school used to read lots of Enid Blyton's Boarding 
> School
> > books (my mother always complained about it, saying they were so 
> formulaic. But
> > maybe that was part of the attraction... I even had audio cassettes of 
> them and
> > used to drive my parents insane listening to them on long car trips!) 
> And we used
> > to play boarding school, with midnight parties and all that, which was 
> "ripping
> > fun". As there are hardly any boarding schools in Germany, it was all so
> > fascinating. BTW, the cassettes were Hanni and Nanni, and they are by 
> EB, and the
> > Dolly Books are also by her. Not so sure about Tini and Tini, but I 
> think they
> > could also be translations...
> >
> > Bettina
>So they were all by her? But the names made it seem so German! It
>doesn't happen often that you get people's names translated...

No, they weren't! I think the ones with Dolly in them were originally the 
Malory Towers series (Darrell in the English version became Dolly), but 
Malory Towers stops at fifth or sixth form but the Dolly series goes on and 
includes, I believe, Dolly returning as Matron and marrying someone 
(presumably not the gardener). The continuations were written by someone 
else with the inital permission of the Enid Blyton estate. I think there 
are some French books with the Enid Blyton name which were not written by 
here either. (It *is* Darrell at Malory Towers isn't it? I get confused 
with MT and St Clares.)

Possibly Hanni and Nanni were Pat and Isobel, who are in the St Clare's 
books. (or vice versa if I *have* got them confused.)

As I'm not an EB fan I haven't kept the original messages from the EB 
people who know about these translations in a lot more detail (including 
the name of the person who wrote the continuations), but if anyone is very 
interested I can pass a couple of email addresses along, and you could ask 
them for details.


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