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>Umm... thinkthinkthink... the one story that comes to mind is one that
>I can't remember the name of, because I read it in an omnibus edition.
>It may be called _Mike and Psmith_, and it's definitely by
>P. G. Wodehouse.

Oh yes. I *think* there might be a first book called Mike at Wrykyn, and 
then there are further books that follow the "careers" of Mike and Smith 
after they leave school. I have Psmith in the City somewhere. (The "P" is, 
of course, silent.)

And apologies for not reading all my email before shooting off answers - I 
see I've duplicated some answers, and got one major fact wrong as well :-(

So, the big Four are Enid Blyton, Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, Dorita Fairlie 
Bruce and Angela Brazil. (Pronounced Brazzle, just to confuse.)

And for those interested in Boarding School stories and series may I 
recommend the girlsown mailing list. See   I am the 
listowner, btw, but not particularly expert on the topic. However many of 
the experts do frequent the list.

For those interested in the Chalet School in particular I'd suggest joining 
the Friends of the Chalet School (FOCS) and/or the New Chalet Club. Both 
have websites - but I don't have the URLs handy right now. Both issue 
newsletters and have regional meetings of Chalet fans and other book 

Which 10 chalet books do you need, Dorian? The FOCS website includes a list 
of the books with information on their relative rarity in hardback and pb.

And the author of Fifth Form at St Dominics is Talbot Baines Reed. I have 
the book, but haven't yet read it.


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