L'Engle - (was: Re: YotG along with other, off topic things.)

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Mon Sep 11 08:17:33 EDT 2000

>Anyone have the time or inclination to explain what opinions or beliefs in
>L'Engle's books they disliked?

It's her style that sometimes annoys me... I have the same reaction to a lot
of other writers whose work I would otherwise enjoy. And also I think her
characters get very angsty about things that aren't that important... maybe
that's realistic but I feel like delivering a good swift kick and saying
"get over it!!!". Not only to L'Engle people, I might add, but to too many
other characters too. I think that's one thing that draws me to DWJ. Her
characters may sometimes act in odd ways, but I never get the feeling
they're making monumental mountains out of molehills. Or if they are, they
come to admit that themselves. And again (gee, I'm having revelations
tonight!) I suppose that's what draws me to read (and write) fantasy and sci
fi. The problems are more likely to be life-and-death and not
self-inflicted. I get annoyed with characters who find themselves in bad
situations through their own crass stupidity. i.e. if a kid is told MR X is
dangerous and still accepts Mr X's invitation to have afternoon tea in a
quiet secluded attic or if a "good kid" runs round with shoplifters and gets
into trouble I can't summon up as much sympathy as I might. However, in
fantasy /sci-fi our characters are usually thrown into peril through
circumstances that are *genuinely* beyond their control.

Thanks for letting me clarify this in my mind - and sorry if I've bored the
pants off anyone else while doing so...


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