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Ven ven at vvcrane.junglelink.co.uk
Sun Sep 10 20:24:11 EDT 2000

> On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, Ven wrote:
> > The colour green, as in the original ballad is a fairy colour 
> > (sometimes held to be unlucky)

and Kyla replied

> Huh. Interesting. Thanks. I guess that's sort of clear from the way
> she emphasizes it (hey, look! all the classics majors are wearing
> green! isn't that *weird*?), but I'd have thought that Janet might have
> thought of a reason why instead of just noticing the oddness.

It was late and I was a bit tired last night -- this may have been 
apparent from the embarrassing number of typos and missing 
words - so I thought I'd do a follow up. According to Kathleen 
Briggs (a folklore and fairytale scholar) it is in the Celtic tradition 
that green is particularly associated with fairies. She connects this 
with the link between fairies and spirits of the dead, as green is 
associated with death in Celtic tradition and I suppose this is what 
makes it unlucky. This would certainly fit in with the sinister group 
of scholars in Tam Lin. From somewhere I have the impression that 
green is a particularly bad thing at weddings.

Thanks to both Kyla and Kyra for enlightening me about American 
College traditions. Especially to Kyra for confirming my suspician 
that it could be absolutely horrible! I never had a college roommate 
but have have shared with some rather incompatible people on 
archaeological digs, its awful feeling an alien in your own bedroom.

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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