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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sun Sep 10 17:02:26 EDT 2000

>In any case, you ought to be a different reader when
>you're an adult than when you were thirteen (and, I daresay, you ought to be
>a better one, except if that's true then Becca is going to be some kind of
>supernatural genius in fifteen years).

Thank you!  (Becca'd say it herself, but she's in bed with a cold- reading,
of course.)  I wondered what you all might think of the latest Incident
which relates in a way.  Her year is doing Romeo and Juliet for the Junior
Cert. (state exam at the end of 3rd Year).  They'd to get a specific school
edition, although she had a copy of it herself.  First time she sat down to
do her homework on it, she noticed that the edition was cut (8 lines from
Scene I, who knows how much more).  I had a little chat with the English
teacher, who was very pleasant, but didn't exactly say anything which
reconciled me to the use of an abridged edition.  The only good part was
that she did talk to Becca after class the next day and praised her highly
for having noticed it.  So at least this isn't one of those teacher horror
stories we were doing a while ago...


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