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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Sep 10 16:21:58 EDT 2000

Paul wrote:

>There was actually a racist controversy about the Noddy books as well.
>Enid Blyton had a tendency to write golliwogs as michievous, and
>somebody somewhere along the line decided that this was racist[1].

>Recent adaptations of the Noddy stories (and, more disturbingly,
>recent editions of the books themselves) have had the golliwogs
>replaced by malevolent goblins.
>Personally, I reckon this reflects racist anti-goblin attitudes worse
>than any racist anti-black person attitudes contained in the
>uncensored stories; but the goblins don't have a large enough lobby
>group to get the situation remedied.

:-)  Just to clear my mother's name of any possible taint of
anti-golliwog/goblin bias - whatever - I want to assure you that she would
not have stopped me from reading the Noddy books because of the presence of
mischievous golliwogs!


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