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>Having recently read all the Harry Potter books and re-read the Chrestomanci
>books I've realised I'm a real sucker for English boarding school novels.
>Can anyone recommend any other than Enid Blyton?

Ask a silly question!

It's hard to know where to start, so I'll just go:

The Chalet School series, by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer. The earliest (and best) 
in this long series (62 books?) are probably still in print in pb, and 
easily available second hand.

Dorita Fairlie Bruce's two series: the Dimsie books and the Springdale 
books are good.

Along with Enid Blyton and E. J. Oxenham whose Abbey series isn't really 
school at all, they make up the Big Four girls' authors of the early 20th C.

Absolutely tip-top, but not your standard boarding school stories are those 
by Antonia Forest.
The school stories are Autumn Term, Cricket Term and Attic Term. The 
non-school stories involving the same family are wonderful too. (I am 
reading Falconer's Lure for the first time today...she is just *so* good.)

Then there are lots of others:

Nancy Breary
Joanna Lloyd (very, very funny)
Evelyn Smith (I've only read one, but I'm ready to collect more)
Mary K. Harris (not always boarding, though, but good books)

A boy's boarding school that you should make the acquaintance of is Linbury 
Court, home to Jennings and Darbishire - written by A. Buckeridge (someone 
correct me if that's not quite right, I am not a Jennings expert.) They are 
very funny.

Of course Katy and Clover went to boarding school in What Katy Did at 
School by Susan Coolidge. And for a modern American view of boarding school 
you could try The Secret Language by Ursula Nordstrom.

I'm sure I've forgotten more....


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