Tam Lin

Kyra Jucovy klj at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Sun Sep 10 02:20:42 EDT 2000

Kyla said: 
> 1) yes, roommates are assigned to people for their *first* year. after
> that, you get to choose.

I should just add that one of the things that hooked me on _Tam Lin_ right
from the beginning (aside from a mention of _More Than Human_ very early
on, which is a really good book) is my own roommate experience last year -
which started out with me sharing a room with a field hockey player whose
main interests seemed to be beer and masochistic relationships with
football players.  Happily, she eventually kicked me out into a room with
a much nicer person whom I am still living with this year, but that
experience really helped TL for me.  By which I mean to say, while I don't
feel the instant aversion to Tina that I did for my roommate, I'm afraid
that to some extent I was able to sympathise with the attitude that: "She
is certainly a smart person, since she was capable of getting into this
school, but she just never reads books!"  This is not necessarily a good
attitude or one I should be proud of having, but I certainly recognized
it in myself.


There is no place for singing crack rabbits in today's society of
assimilation.  The American dream is no more.  The once great melting pot
is now used to prepare rabbit stew.  Lady Liberty weeps at such injustice.


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