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Kyla Tornheim kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu
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On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, Ven wrote:
> The colour green, as in the original ballad is a fairy colour 
> (sometimes held to be unlucky)
Huh. Interesting. Thanks. I guess that's sort of clear from the way
she emphasizes it (hey, look! all the classics majors are wearing
green! isn't that *weird*?), but I'd have thought that Janet might have
thought of a reason why instead of just noticing the oddness.

> > Yeah, the book *is* fun, but
> > people I know who went to Carleton (Blackstock is a *very* thinly
> > disguised Carleton College) weren't nearly as amused by it;
> Thats interesting, tell us more. Its apparent insider view of 
> American college life seemed very alien. Does everyone really have 
> to put up with assigned room mates for example? And I found it 
> hard to believe they'd put up with a work schedule that allowed so 
> little free time (as when Janet is seeing her boyfriend for half an 
> hour every week, or is it month?.
My take on what college "should be like" is, of course, based on my
experience and that of my sister, but:
1) yes, roommates are assigned to people for their *first* year. after
that, you get to choose.
2) triples (three-person rooms) are not all that common; I find it *very*
odd that three people, even friends, would live together all four
years. At Swarthmore, most people get singles their third year, and
basically *all* their final year.
3) the work schedule really can be that bad. Or at least, your schedule
can be that incompatible. I probably saw my boyfriend half an hour this
past week, because we were eating meals at different times and have
completely different class schedules and had different evening activities
sucking up our time. (However, unlike Janet and Nick, we realize that this
is lousy and are going to change this.)

You make really good points about Pamela Dean expecting everyone to know
all the literature that she does. I agree, it is elitist.

--Kyla, less than happy about the part of college life that includes
techno music coming in through her window until 2 am...

Willow: How can you be so calm?
Oz: Long, arduous hours of practice. 
		--"The Freshman," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

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