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Sat Sep 9 23:44:00 EDT 2000

> Hi.  I just have a quick question for all of you from the UK--who is Enid
> Blyton?  I heard something about Kate Winslet saying that she was still
> the best, and you guys (shameless flattery) know more about books
> (especially British) than anyone else I know.
You've done it now Lizzie, opened a right can of ginger beer. Enid 
Blyton is both popular and vililfied. Popular for her copious output of 
books and magazines for children of all ages. Best known for her 
Noddy books for little kids (I hated them), her adventure stories, 
especailly the famous five, in which kids solve mysteries and 
several series of school stories. Vilified  for her simple, 
undemanding language (not educational enough), for being 
cringingly politically incorrect (I have a gestalt vision of some 
snooty kids going "I say What are those foreign chaps up to going 
out after dark, we should follow them and find out!")  and for 
aspects of her personal life, apparently not really liking children and 
not being good at facing up to things among others. One daughter 
felt neglected, the other didn't. The former claimed to have only 
realised at the age of about five that the woman who gave out her 
pocket money, after paying all the servants, was her mother, she 
wasn't anything like mothers in books!

Personally I thought the little kids books twee and boring but the 
ones for older kids made very good comfort reading, and I still read 
the odd school story now and then. 

Oh and the lashings of ginger beer? Quote from an excellent spoof 
of the Famous Five Books by the Comic Strip for TV. There's 
generally lots of food in EB something to do with rationing. In the 
school stories they have midnight feasts and in the adventure 
stories vast picnic baskets -- ham and chicken sandwiches, 
scones, cakes , pork pies, jelly, etc etc lemonade and lashings of 
ginger beer.

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