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Tarja Rainio vierran at saunalahti.fi
Sat Sep 9 15:28:41 EDT 2000

on 9.9.2000 21:45, Tony Fox at tonyfox at beeb.net wrote:
> You've missed out the sardines and ginger beer ( required fare when on an
> adventure)!
> Also there are a whole series of boarding school stories.
> Thinking about it I suspect Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree stories laid the
> foundations for my lifelong love of fantasy. Iloved those books although I
> wasn't really bothered abourt her other strands.

In my case, the Famous Five and the Adventure series (of course in
translation) were standard childhood library fare. They were "useful" when
in the 'devour-every-interesting-looking-book-in-the-library' stage =D. At
least there were a lot of them...

To be more serious, at that point (I was about 10 and older) I never thought
about any racist messages in them or or anything more serious. They were all
very formulaic, but enjoyable if you liked the formula. I guess I liked the
Adventure books more than the Famous Five ones which (if I remember
correctly) I read when younger.

I still have a couple of the Adventure books in my shelf (and one Famous
Five novel), just for old times sake, but haven't  read them in ages.

I saw in the TV a few years ago a (British?) documentary about Enid Blyton
in which it was told that she actually disliked children and had severe
mental problems when older. This documentary also mentioned the question
about Noddy books (which were not in my knowledge never translated into
Finnish) being racist and how this accusation really annoyed EB.


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