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Sat Sep 9 12:30:32 EDT 2000

Sarah said...
> >also BTW has anyone read any Sharon Shinn? Worth reading?
> >Chris
> I bought her ARCHANGEL a while ago and I've read it twice.

I read it ages ago...I think I liked it, but not enough to buy my own copy
(I borrowed it from a friend).

> I think there are
> 3 books in that thread now, though there might be more.  The book was
> interesting, with some good parts, but the whole biblical setting threw me
> because she manipulates things.  The intimacy between that and my personal
> beliefs made me feel odd, which was why I was not moved to read
> her others.

Not being a Christian (or Jew) that didn't bother me.  I did find what she'd
done with the biblical setting and mythology (word not used with intent to
offend) very interesting...I think I need to go re-read the book (I know my
local library has a copy).

> I've been extremely silent lately--can't even recall the last time I
> I DID get a teaching job, and have been incredibly busy and stressed;
> starts Tuesday...erg.

Well, you're all probably talking about something different now :-) ...I was
away for a week and am only now catching up on my e-mail.
> HOWEVER, I got an email from a friendly bookseller in England last week
> she found a copy of THE SKIVER'S GUIDE, which cheered me LOTS.  Yay!

That is such a wonderful book.  Until I read it (around the time it first
came out, btw), I thought my brother was unique in his way of (not) looking
for things.  "But I can't see it ANYWHERE!" (whined loudly) promptly became
a family catchphrase. :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian. (whose whole family are DWJ fans)
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"Some there be that shadows kiss
Such have but a shadow's bliss" -W. Shakespeare

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