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On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Margaret E Parks wrote:

> Hi.  I just have a quick question for all of you from the UK--who is
> Enid Blyton?


You've never heard of Enid Blyton?

Very famous English children's author. Wrote the Noddy books and the
Famous Five books and the Secret Seven books and the Wishing Chair
books and the Faraway Tree books and tons and tons of others. She was
extremely prolific.

The Noddy books are short books with lots of colourful pictures about
a little toy man called Noddy who lives in a magical land of living
toys. There's a family of teddybears living next to him, and a family
of skittles living down the street, and...  And Noddy's best friend is
a gnome called Big Ears, who lives in his own little house a ways out
of town, so is probably a real gnome and not a toy one. 
(There is an old joke: "Why does the elephant have big ears?
Because Noddy won't pay the ransom.")

The Famous Five was a group of four children and their dog, who
somehow managed to have an adventure every school holiday, and usually
ended up helping to catch a criminal or something. There was Julian,
the leader; Dick, the other boy; George, the tomboy; Anne, the soppy
one; and Timmy, the dog.

The Secret Seven were a club of children (seven this time, no dogs)
who also had adventures. I haven't read any of their books, so that's
about all I know.

The Wishing Chair was a magical chair that, if you sat on it and
wished to go somewhere, it would fly you there. Cue many adventures
for the children who find it. (Strangely, they never seemed to wish to
go to anywhere real. Always magic castles made of gingerbread and

The Faraway Tree was a magical tree in the middle of a forest with
magical people living in it. It was called the Faraway Tree because if
you climbed to the very top, you would find yourself in a magical land
far away. Which magical land it was changed at regular intervals, and
if you were still in the land when it changed you'd be stuck there
until it came around to the Tree again years later. There was a land
where everything was edible, and one where nursery rhymes were true,
and one where they could organise excellent birthday parties at the
drop of a hat (which just happened to show up on one of the
characters' birthdays), and so on.


And I've probably missed something important.

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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