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Subject: Science Fiction Foundation Collection Catalogue

Apologies for cross-posting

Information relevant to anyone studying science fiction and
the fantastic in any form: Please pass on to anyone who you
think might have an interest.

The records of books held by the Science Fiction Foundation
collection in special Collections and Archives, Sydney Jones
Library, are now available on-line.

The catalogue is currently in two parts, and to get a full
picture of our holdings it is necessary to search both.

Part 1
This consists of over 19,000 records of fiction books
catalogued 1995-1997 on a stand-alone ProCite database
under a project funded by the Higher Education Funding
Council of England. They are now available via the Cheshire
II WWW Search Interface. This is still in prototype form,
so please bear with us if there are anomalies in the

We are currently working on transferring these records to:

Part 2

This consists of all non-fiction records, and fiction
added to the Science Fiction Foundation Collection since
1997.  So far, 4,000 records are now accessible through the
University Library's on-line public access catalogue.

Further details are on the website at

For more information about the Science Fiction Foundation
Collection and other sf holdings in the University Library
please go to http://www.liv.ac.uk/~asawyer/sffchome.html

Andy Sawyer
Science Fiction Librarian
Special Collections and Archives
University of Liverpool Library
PO Box 123, Liverpool L69 3DA, UK.

Reviews Editor: Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction
asawyer at liv.ac.uk
The Science Fiction Foundation Collection webpage: 

2001: A celebration of British Science Fiction. 
University of Liverpool, 28 June-1 July  2001.

"... there is no higher life form than a librarian."
THE SCIENCE OF DISCWORLD: Terry Pratchett, Jack Cohen, 
and Ian Stewart, p. 10.
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