Lois McMasters Bujold

Tony Fox tonyfox at beeb.net
Thu Sep 7 18:20:52 EDT 2000

 Ven said
> I've always thought Ivan had some hidden qualities.

I've just been re-reading Memory, Komarr and A Civil Campaign - and I was
also musing on the possibilities
for Ivan when LMB gets on his case. Should be interesting!

You can see how Ivan has become the person he has really - his mother is
such a strong personality and he has been her main mission in life. His
determination not to be pinned down is all too understandable.

I think it would take some kind of passion to come into his life to blast
off the shell of inconsequence he keeps around him. It might be for a woman
but maybe a cause. LMB is seldom simplistic. Perhaps both?

Pure speculation of course while I wait for the next book - could be some
time as there's a non Miles book to be published first


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