Ingrid Blythe Atkinson ingrid-blythe at home.com
Tue Sep 5 22:56:35 EDT 2000

Kyla Tornheim wrote:
> > Ingrid, -still- wanting to know if Tim Wynne-Jones is related to DWJ
> short answer: no. I'm pretty sure, at least. I think he's American, which
> is sorta a tip-off, and besides, I always got the impression that
> "Wynne" is DWJ's middle name, not any sort of last name.

Well, he's certainly not American. I've heard him speak. He's most
definitely got a British accent and he lives somewhere in Canada now so
. . . Is it DWJs middle name though? Well, that clears that up at least,
I suppose. Strange coincidence, anyway. I'll have to tell my boss that.
She's been puzzling over it since she read "Deep Secret"

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