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Tue Sep 5 22:25:52 EDT 2000

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000 20:26:38 -0400 (EDT), alexandra.bolintineanu at utoronto.ca

>All right, resurfacing.  I've read all her stuff except for Memory and
>Mirror Dance and Warrior's Apprentice, and ooooh, what fun it was.  

>All in all, what a ride.  I wonder, should I hunt down the remaining books
>*right now*, or save them for a rainy day?

Someone else already mentioned you missed three of the best ones...you at
least ought to have them on hand for later.

>(with fountains of gratitude to everybody who recommended LMB, and with a
>special little gush of gratitude for Melissa and the wonderful reading
>plan--oh, you were so right about the food reserves...but then you're
>Always Right, so there :)

You people are AWFUL.  I'm back rereading all these books too.  In no
particular order except as suggested by mood.  _A Civil Campaign_, then _The
Vor Game_ and next probably _Cetaganda_.

Except...I'm taking the opportunity to read _Dark Lord of Derkholm_ one last
time before _Year of the Griffin_ comes out.  The teaser for that one on
Amazon.com has finally fleshed out.  It sounds better all the time.  It
occurred to me that _YoG_ means that, in typical DWJ fashion, she's taking
the road less traveled.  _Dark Lord_ used a cliche'd idea, turned it on its
ear, and expanded on it.  So it *should* have been more of a one-off thing.
But DWJ does not resort to cliche.  Some of you were talking about repeated
themes recently--baby's fussing a little, I can't remember the exact
discussion, except for the bit about the similarity between Mordion and
those characters from _Tale of Time City_ and _Aunt Maria_.  I agree; there
are so many recurring motifs that seem to interest her as an author (or do I
mean as a person?  I don't know).  Like the unreliability of adults,
especially parental figures.

Anyway, I'm off to my reading.  Can't *wait* for this next book!

Melissa Proffitt
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