Ingrid Blythe Atkinson ingrid-blythe at home.com
Tue Sep 5 22:21:33 EDT 2000

Nat Case wrote:
> Well, it took longer to get back to the list than I thought. The goal was to
> gt a computer for home and do this list from there. Maybe eventually, but
> not now... So Ingrid and I got married April 1 (no kidding), had a three-day
> honeymoon on Nantucket, rove home and piled all our worldly goods (and two
> cats of whom we only pretend ownership) in the moving van and the car and
> plowed westward to Minneapolis. We're happily settling in.

Guh? Ingrid? How . . . creepy. Congratulations, eh, however late!
And welcome back to the list, eh

Ingrid, -still- wanting to know if Tim Wynne-Jones is related to DWJ
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Fish is good. You know where you stand with fish. - Fletcher Startredder
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