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all right, just found this in my postponed e-mail box...

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Sally Odgers wrote:
> On another slant, I expect everyone has noted the similarity between the
> Guardian of Iron (ToTC) and Mordian (Hexwood) and another character whose
> name escapes me but who appears in Aunt Maria. Even Lady Marceny's son in
> SWM has similarities...
> DWJ is always original, but she does repeat some signature themes and this
> is one of them.
yesyesyesyes! this was one of the forty thousand things I meant to say,
but never quite got around to...I'm so glad someone else thinks so! And
the reason for this particular type, in my opinion, can be seen in DWJ's
bio, in the description of her husband.

And the description of Eggs in "The Master" is almost exactly that of the

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000 JOdel at aol.com wrote:
> I have always tended to read Hexwood as a rewrite of the themes and
> of Time City which finally worked. (Time City never quite did for me.)
And this justifies my thought that Vierran always reminded me a bit of

I think it's that DWJ does the "write what you know" thing; the amazing
bit is that she makes these "types" different enough and in completely
different situations, so we just feel comfortably familiar with the
characters, rather than feeling cheated that we don't get to meet a
totally new friend...

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