Gratitude (Dean's Tam Lin spoilers)

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Mon Sep 4 22:13:23 EDT 2000

On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Kyra Jucovy wrote a whole bunch about _Tam Lin_.

I completely agree with you about all of your problems with the book,
although I don't think I got that nitpicky until the second or third time
I read it. Some of the stuff I think an editor should have picked up
on--another boo-boo is that when Janet is a junior, Jack Nikopoulos is
mentioned as being a senior (and therefore he doesn't care what the
consequences are to being in the play mocking Medeous), and then the next
year Tina dates him. It's just a dumb mistake.
	I also really wish that things that were really emphasized were
fully explained: the bunk beds, the prevalence of green, why Peg
sleepwalks, if the ghost is really a ghost. Yeah, the book *is* fun, but
people I know who went to Carleton (Blackstock is a *very* thinkly
disguised Carleton Collegge) weren't nearly as amused by it; and I really
like Janet, but I don't understand why she dates Nick for so long.	
	One very silly problem with the book is that it makes readers who
aren't yet in college think that when they are that age they will be able
to quote Great Literature with as much ease as the characters. Maybe we
should all have had much more misspent youths. :^)
	Basically, the book is worth reading at least once, because
there's a lot of really good cool stuff in there, and the main character
is wonderful, but I think it gets less enjoyable after that, when the
problems start to show through.

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