dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #213

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Mon Sep 4 08:08:18 EDT 2000

>deal. I think that one of my main problems with the Harry Potter books is
>that JKR doesn't seem to think out the consequences of her magical
>inventions all the way to their logical ends.

Nice point, Gili, and one with which I agree. I've been aving a difficult
time of it while doing school lectures (18 in 5 days - phew!) in August. I
kept getting asked by beady-eyed boys "what do you think of the Harry Potter
books?" It was so difficult to give an honest opinion without sounding
sour-grapish. And the unspoken sub-text of the question was obviously; "if
you don't think they're absolutely the very best, how come *your* books
don't sell as well?"

I've already rocked quite a few boats by telling kids that I don't like
Roald Dahl's books... but what can I say? The best I can do is to stress
that my opinion is subjective; I don't ever comment on the *worth* of other
authors' books - at least, not in school lectures! All I can comment on in
the circs is my reaction...


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