dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #213

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Mon Sep 4 03:07:02 EDT 2000

The discussion of dragons has dredged up an almost forgotten memory. Did you 
know that chinese dragons have the following features:

the body of a snake
the head on an ox
the feet of a chicken
the eyes of a shrimp

I think there are a couple more (the ears of a dog?) but I don't remember 
them right now... no wings, in any case.

And what Jennifer has said about limitations on magic appeals to me a great 
deal. I think that one of my main problems with the Harry Potter books is 
that JKR doesn't seem to think out the consequences of her magical 
inventions all the way to their logical ends. POSSIBLE SPOILERS HERE FOR 
HARRY POTTER BOOKS. I mean, if time devices are common enough that a 
schoolgirl can be trusted with one, why aren't they used more often? Why 
wasn't one used to go back in time and warn Harry's parents that they were 
about to be killed? If anyone can kill at will by speaking the proper word, 
how is this not abused right and left? How was it so difficult for Voldemort 
to rise into power?

Back to the point, there have been some particularly strong readings of DWJ 
books recently, ToTC and Hexwood come to mind, and I've really enjoyed them. 
I know Courtney is probably overworked as is, but wouldn't it be lovely if 
the DWJ webpage could have links directly from titles of books to some of 
the meatier commentary that has been posted about them here?
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