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Ven moaned...
> I've just watched an episode of NYPD Blue featuring two English
> detectives. Its the one where a British serial killer has slipped
> through the net over here and gone to New York to pursue his
> nasty activiites. Anyhow , although the accents were done OK they
> had them using jargon that no Brits would use.

<rest snipped for space's sake>

Have you watched "Angel" at all?  In the first half of the (first) series,
there was a very cool character called Doyle, who is/was Irish.  Judging by
the accent and the name, the actor was a native Dubliner (I've yet to come
across an American who can do *any* convincing Irish accent...I cringe when
David Boreanaz does flashback scenes).  Anyway, same problem.  The
scriptwriters obviously took *some* advice, but every so often, Doyle would
say something (in his Dublin accent) that was just SO American!  It really
jarred.  (And then the bastard scriptwriters/producers/whatever went and
killed Doyle!  Grrrrrrrr.)

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