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Fri Sep 1 13:40:26 EDT 2000

I've just watched an episode of NYPD Blue featuring two English 
detectives. Its the one where a British serial killer has slipped 
through the net over here and gone to New York to pursue his 
nasty activiites. Anyhow , although the accents were done OK they 
had them using jargon that no Brits would use. For example they 
said their bosses wouldn't file the case, meaning it was dropped, 
whereas over here dropped cases are put on file, and it would be 
the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) refusing to prosecute that 
would have got the case dropped. And they talked about the 
woman's purse, instead of her handbag (a purse is what we keep 
money and credit cards in). I'm sure the Americans could have 
coped with them speaking English English. Plus the man came out 
of old fashioned stuff from twenty years ago and his class was 
unplacable due to the combination of a cockney accent and old 
fashioned gentlemanly manners and the woman's dress, accent 
etc didn't fit together at all. Why Oh Why (BBC joke) can't they 
watch a few episodes of one of our police soaps like the Bill and 
come a bit closer? 

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