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Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Sep 1 02:24:28 EDT 2000

+ A couple of people turn into dragons in Hexwood- and although this is within
+ "Bannus space" and could be hallucinations, I think the implication in the
+ book is that the Bannus can genuinely change the physical world (Magic is
+ certainly real in this book- although the Bannus is scientifically made, the
+ Wood isn't).

We see at least one Fantasy creature in a glade which is the Wood's doing,
I think. The Wood can definitely change physical space. I think the point is 
made that Bannus "tech" has passed through a phase of being thought mythical
in itself - first there is theta-space, then there is no theta-space, then
there is (as a "new" experimental tech) . Better than mountains! 

It may or may not be the Bannus field which is important: effects overlap to
a point where certain attribution is exceedingly problematic. The paratypical
fields are so intertwined. The Servant's gifts are bred into him and emulated
by the Dead Hand's tech. Just so the Wood is innately able to make its rules 
and the Bannus runs particular rule-sets. 

The Bannus takes liberties with the scenario parameters it's given by an 
inexperienced thuglet having a laugh to wreak havoc in Fantastic style, but the
draconic transformations happen in different circumstances. There's a greedy
dragon-nature expressed by Reigner One in much the same way as Narnian dragons 
originate from men (and that dragon has a familar Dragon name), there's the
transforming potion that the Bannus delights in foisting on two more from the
Dead Hand, and then there's Mordion's nature which is much more problematic
and given much more detail. In that Orm has his name, I have the feeling that 
he's been a dragon long ago and outside these fields. 

Mordion has a sense of honour about making matters too easy with magic, so
he considers the process of translocation quite carefully. His whole dragon
transformation has, as well as the physical change, the symbolic map of pain
junctions which I think the UK cover is trying to illustrate.

Details of mapping are supplied for Mordion, and the fact that it's mental-
magic mass/energy/thought connotations doesn't make it feel delusional. There's
serious processing happening there, and I think it's more likely to relate to
the details we're given about Reigner blood and interactions with "worms from
Lind" and other dragon-fighting to be dismissed as a limited notional quirk.

I think dragon nature may be a real potential in these people. I think the 
implication is that Mordion can be that dragon any time he chooses to connect
with the full Reigner realisation that he has spent his life learning to 
suppress and compartmentalise. He can definitely do a transformation from
one constellation in space to another constellation in space: same number of
points of memory/identity arranged as either dragon or man.

People definitely can transcend time&space: that's a given in the communion
within a Hand.

So, although Mass may not be conserved... Identity is. Mordion can change his
coat or the length of his beard but he cannot forget the tribulations of that
hideous childhood. 

In fact, I think the whole point about the Bannus is that it makes connections
and plays out scenarios: it doesn't section off and analyse points but makes
gestalt choices. Whether it has any effect on the physical world is endlessly
debatable: once it is mobile, it could wander the field of play twisting off
heads as it rejects candidates, but why would it when the consensus realities
are so much more dynamic and interesting? The Bannus was written/designed/
coded by someone sophisticated.


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