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Ven ven at vvcrane.junglelink.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 21:55:04 EST 2000

I must say waiting to discuss YOG is nearly as bad as the wait for 
the book itself so I thought I'd home in on an appealing detail. 
I was taken, as always, by DWJs observation of animals, when the 
cat, Sabrina, had her upsetting experience. It was the way that 
afterwards she reacted to the trauma by insisting on having her 
dinner on the table that really got me, I've known cats like that too. 
I've tried my best not to let any of the current three develop any 
annoying little foibles but I know thats a losing battle with  cats. At 
least they do all eat on the floor, um except if its a special treat, in 
which case Camberwell has hers on the table so the boys can't 
steal it, which I'm sure is the beginning of a slippery slope. Then 
there's the poor plant that has been put out in the garden to stop 
Vespa molesting it -- when it was in the house he used to stand up 
in the pot and shake the poor thing whenever he wanted attention. 
In the garden he just pounces on shrubs and gives them a good 

Anyhow I'd thought I'd try starting an annoying-things-cats-do 
thread, while we're waiting for more YOGs to arrive and be read by 
eager eyes. Here's some ways they wake people up: While there 
are many crude approaches to this problem, involving trampling, 
jumping from a great height, standing pointedly on someone's 
bladder etc they can be very subtle -- a cat called Morris used to 
sit on the windowsill pulling the curtain back and forth so that a 
shaft of sunlight flickered on his owners eyes, and the so charming 
Lettice ever so gently, with a single claw, peels back  people's 
eyelids to open their eyes. And if that doesn't work she rather less 
gently hooks a claw in the nostril!  Why do we put up with them 

t it was what happened afterwards that really got to me, when 
Sabrina refused to eat on the floor but had to have her plate on the 
table. I know that game. Its only this year thAT
at I've persuaded all the current cats that the floor is where they 
eat, and I regard it as a minor miracle.   

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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