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Tue Oct 31 09:17:47 EST 2000

Ingrid wrote:

> ...Only ever knew
>one person who people tried to force to be right-handed. His
>hand-writting was absolutely hideous as a result. I always thought it
>was sort of "See, this is what happens when you try to make me do
>your way" ...

Not only can it turn your handwriting in into mess, changing the
handedness can also cause severe problems, such as stuttering,
coordination-problems, depressions and so on.
You can tell I'm a southpaw, too (-:

I remember that I liked the scene in which Cat was told to write with is
"right" hand (in his case, the left) very much. I symphathized a lot
with him! Although I was never forced to use my right hand, I can
imagine how annoying this must be. You're forced to do things the slow
and difficult way, and the result will never be as good as it could be.
BTW I always thought of this scene as some kind of metaphor for the
"Cat-theme": a part of his nature is surpressed, he doesn't show it, he
thinks he would be punished for it, but then, when it becomes apparent,
he learns it's ok and he *should* do it his way. And is bewildered at
first. Maybe that sounds bit forced, but I think the parallels are

I've always wondered if Cat's trouble with the right hand would be
permanent. And I also thought it could be the case and would then be
"his weakness".


Froy-der, sher-ner Getter-foon-ken, Toch-ter 'ouse E-lyse-ium,
veer be-tray-ten Foy-er troon-ken, himm-lee-she, Dine High-lish-tomb!
Dine-er Tsow-ber binn-den vee-der, voss dee Mo-der shtreng ge-tilet;
Allah Menschen vear-den Broo-aire, vo dine zanf-taire Floo-gel vilet.

Ode to Joy, F. Schiller

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