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Ingrid Blythe Atkinson ingrid-blythe at home.com
Tue Oct 31 07:47:53 EST 2000

M Elizabeth Parks wrote:
> There's a place in I think Charmed Life (I can't find it) where someone says that all nine-lifed enchanters have a weakness.  So if > Chrestomanci's father hadn't cast that spell, would he have had a weakness?

Maybe it wasn't a reference to a specific weakness. Maybe it was just a
way of saying that the nine-lifed enchanters weren't as all powerful as
everyone seemed to think they were and it's possible to defeat them.
Their certainly seems to be a lot of mythos/superstition around
Chrestomanci in "Charmed Life", although most of it is founded, like
saying his name three times to call him and what have you. Perhaps the
silver weakness was just an added bonus, something that made it easier
for people to defeat Chrestomanci. 

Cat's left-handed nature seem to be more a reflection of the Victorian
practices concerning left-handed writting and all that. Only ever knew
one person who people tried to force to be right-handed. His
hand-writting was absolutely hideous as a result. I always thought it
was sort of "See, this is what happens when you try to make me do things
your way" Maybe Cat's difficulty with turning the right hand-cuff into
an eagle was part of that?

But if all the nine-lifed enchanters had weaknesses like Chrestomanci's
silver allergy, would Uncle Ralph have needed that device from one of
the other worlds to take care of Gabriel de Witt? Surely the staff would
know if de Witt had such a weakness, Christopher's staff knew about his
silver problem, and since Ralph had a man on the inside in Mordecai who
would know of it, it would make sense that he'd take an easier way with
a weakness similar to Christopher's than going to all the trouble with
the device from one of the other worlds.

Um, yeah, just my two pieces. I probably shouldn't write e-mail in the
morning. Brain dead. Hope that made some sort of sense to someone.

And if any of the Harry Potter readers out there could maybe drop me a
line concerning said character's apperance I would be eternally greatful
and what not.

> Just watch me--I will become the God of Death once again.  But right
> now. . . I need some sleep.
>                 --Duo Maxwell, "Gundam Wing"

Just love this quote Lizzie. :)


Not only was Ivan an idiot, but he generated a telepathic damping field
that turned people nearby into idiots too. He would point this out to
Barrayaran Intelligence, who would make of his cousin the newest weapon
in their arsenal - if anyone could be found who could remember what they
were doing once they closed on him . . . - Miles Vorkosigan
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