Weaknesses (ON-TOPIC) (for once)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Tue Oct 31 05:25:22 EST 2000

>place in I
>think Charmed Life (I can't find it) where someone says that all
>nine-lifed enchanters have a weakness.  So if Chrestomanci's 
>father hadn't
>cast that spell, would he have had a weakness? 

And on the same point - did Gabriel de Witt have a weakness??

I guess he must have done- I don't actually remember the quote, but I
thought it was something like "all magicians have a weakness, even 9-lived
enchanters"?- that is, it isn't something special about enchanters, it's
just that no-one is impregnable? Even the Dritt of World 11 was vulnerable
to fire.
I think Cat's being left-handed *and* having been forced to use his right,
so that his right side "doesn't like" magic, does constitute a weakness-
doesn't he turn handcuffs into eagles, but only the left one changes? I
think Gwendolyn's putting his lives into matches is an extra vulnerability,
but not actually a weak point *in his magic*. In one of the stories in Mixed
Magics (very small SPOILER- nothing to do with the plot)

Gabriel says that the castle people were always worried about Christopher's
life that was  put into a ring, even tho' it was in a safe in the Castle,
until it became Millie's wedding ring (she, as an enchantress, can
presumably keep it very secure).

So Christopher also had two "weaknesses".
I can't think what Christopher's weakness would have been if his father
hadn't done the silver thing- maybe silver *would* have been a danger in
another way????
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